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Researcher and Analyst

About Me

I spend most of my time thinking about digital technology and its power to inform, educate and entertain.   My super power is cataloguing.

Like any tool, digital technology is progressive and creative, advancing and improving our lives in many ways; but it can also be disruptive and even dangerous depending on how it is used.  These effects can be intentional or unintended.  My aim is to understand how to best use technology to engage and empower as many people as possible whilst preventing or mitigating the auto-information disorders that degrade digital environments.

My scholarship spans history, cultural and media studies, information science, social science and computing. My interests centre on the evolution of documentary and communication media, the adoption of technology and associated socio-cultural shifts.

My research explores different advances in digital media: the web and digital publishing, digital television and broadcasting, and the growing use of data sensors to quantify and analyse environments and behaviours.

Working as a business analyst I’ve applied a wide range of methods and techniques to design and develop various systems and services. I hold professional certifications in enterprise architecture, business analysis, business case development and IT service management.  Current areas of interest are behaviour driven design, data ethics and accessibility.