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Researcher and Analyst

About Me

I’m a transition management consultant.  I provide planning, analysis and architecture expertise to support system improvement, service innovation and the delivery of successful, sustainable change.

I’ve worked in a range of industry sectors, designing and developing digital information systems and associated services.  I’ve been part of cross-functional teams of varying sizes delivering projects with multiple stakeholders and delivery partners.  I’m familiar with several project, process and software development methodologies and have experience managing and mentoring staff.

I’m certified in enterprise architecture, business analysis, business case development and service management.

My scholarship spans history, cultural and media studies, information science, social science and computing. My research interests centre on the evolution of documentary and communication media, the adoption of technology and associated socio-cultural shifts.

I’m currently interested in identity documentation, data ethics, accessibility and inclusion, behaviour driven design, updated to service management frameworks and learning about Office 365 and Dynamics 365.