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Growing Knowledge

About Me

Four days a week I’m a business analyst and information architect, designing systems to open up scholarship and higher education; one day a week I’m a humanities scholar; one day a week I’m a housekeeper; one day a week I’m at play, traversing landscapes in mind or in motion, or at rest.

I’m currently working for the University of Reading as a Business Analyst in the Business Change Team.

I blog (infrequently) about my work at 16 Blue and my scholarship at Digital Information Technologies and ArchitecturesSport Informatics and I am. A history. You may find these interesting if you are curious about information science, data science, arts and humanities, sociology, history, visual culture, business analysis, design thinking, enterprise architecture, information design, project management and digital technology.

You can connect with me on Linked In or Twitter I have a public notebook on Evernote, a public bibliography on Zotero and public bookmarks at Diigo.