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Business/Information Architecture and Design

About Me

I research people, and their ideologies: the way they interpret and construct the world around them.

I’m trained in History, Humanities, Social Sciences, Information Science, Information Technology and Design. It’s all founded on Philosophy.

I spend my working life creating maps and models of invisible, intangible things such as ideas, concepts, organisation structures, systems, information, software and cultures. I do this to try and make them more explicit so they can be seen, understood, shared, discussed, contested, agreed, nurtured, exploited and safeguarded.

I blog (infrequently) at 16 BlueDigital Information Technologies and ArchitecturesSport Informatics and I am. A history. I have a public notebook on Evernote, a public bibliography on Zotero and public bookmarks at Diigo.  You may find these interesting if you are curious about information science, data science, arts and humanities, sociology, history, visual culture, business analysis, design thinking, enterprise architecture, information design, project management and digital technology.

I’m currently working for the University of Reading as a Business Analyst.

You can connect with me on Linked In or Twitter