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Business/Information Analysis/Architecture

About Me

I help organisations operate and adapt successfully through the effective use of information and technology.

Most of my career has been spent in higher education designing and improving business and information architectures in a changing education and technology landscape with a lean and agile mindset. I’ve managed library systems, implemented virtual learning environments, digital repositories and learning capture; devised process and solution blueprints to support the student experience across the Student Journey; supported the transition to the Research Excellence Framework with new systems for research data and management information; contributed to Finance and HR system replacements and upgrades; and tackled the challenges of identity and access management in an increasingly federated and lifelong education ecosystem.

My research interests cover various aspects of informatics and the digital humanities.

I’m currently working for the University of Reading.

I blog about my work, research, study and ideas at 16 Blue. You may find this interesting if you are interested in information science, data science, digital humanities, sociology, cultural history, business analysis, design thinking, enterprise architecture, information design, project management, educational technology or informatics in general.  I also have less frequently updated blogs on Digital Information Technologies and Architectures and Sport Informatics.

You can connect with me on Linked In, Twitter or Google Plus. I have a public notebook on Evernote and a public bibliography on Zotero.